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Unleash the Magic Within

ChiroMagic Chiropractic Coaching Program

The Magic to Make Your Chiropractic Practice Divine

Welcome to ChiroMagic™ by eLIVate Institute™. The ChiroMagic courses are a nice balance of old-school-chiropractic principals and modern marketing. These courses were created not to put you in a box – rather, they are meant to take you out of the box and give you freedom. Freedom that is congruent with your own core values and not with a practice management group’s ideals of how your practice should work.

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Life Coaching Courses - Improve Your Life and Reach Your Purpose

Experience True Freedom by Letting Go of Who You Aren’t

You were born with the right and ability to be free of suffering, fear and limitations. Through conscious and subconscious programming people lose the ability to live a magical life. LifeMagic™ was designed to change the world by eLIVating the thoughts of the masses through our inspirational courses and programs. The LifeMagic courses will accompany you on your path to truth and alignment with your higher self.

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Want to become a licensed life coach and help others achieve their full potential?

Become an eLIVate™ Certified Professional Life Coach

eLIVate offers a premier Life Coach Certification experience like no other. The basis of the training is grounded in eLIVate’s core values of energy, love, inspiration, vision, alignment, truth and empowerment. You will learn life coaching techniques that have stood the test of time, as well as how to apply them. You will emerge from our program stronger and equipped with the tools you need to change the lives of others.

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eLIVate Your Life with Dr Nona Djavid 

eLIVate Your Life with Dr Nona Djavid


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