Mastermind +
Group Coaching

Mastermind +
Group Coaching

Chiropractors, are you tired of…

  • Collections plateauing / hitting a ceiling?

  • Working too many hours?

  • Slave to the insurance companies?

  • Not getting paid what you’re worth?

  • Scripts and one size fits all coaching?

  • Selling instead of serving?

You’re Not Alone.

I was burnt out, and drowning in my practice.


I Made Over a Million Dollars a Year, Working Only 20 Hours a Week and Getting Paid What I Was Worth!

Achieve Your Ideal Practice

  • Increase your collections

  • Work less hours

  • More quality family time

  • Get paid your true worth

  • More conviction

  • Greater clarity and confidence

  • Increase retention and referrals

  • Enjoy going to work

  • More inspired team

  • and MUCH more!

Nona Djavid

I’m here to add value. If you already belong to another practice management group – this is designed to make your practice better, not replace your practice management group. Although it might, eventually.

Join My Weekly Mastermind and Group Coaching Program!

Doctor – $397 / Month
Student – $97 / Month
No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

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Your Monthly Membership Will Get You…

  • LIVE Doctor Q & A

  • Accountability

  • Handling Patient Objections

  • Creating Systems

  • Improving Communication

  • Building Value

  • Cluster Booking and Scheduling

  • Improving Your Consults

  • ROF and Financials

  • Creating Lifetime Patients

  • Assembling Your Dream Team

  • Internal and External Marketing

  • Patient Education

  • Branding, Website, and PR

  • Getting Referrals

  • and Much More!


Dr Carla Diana and Dr Angelo Pisano talk about Dr Nona Djavid’s unique coaching style.

InTouch Wellness

Dr Andrew Kellogg and Dr Sarah Little talk about Dr Nona Djavid’s effective coaching style.

Functional Wellness Center

Dr Tyler Meier

Dr. Tyler Meier

CorePosture Chiropractic

Dr. Nona has been an invaluable mentor and coach in helping me achieve my dream practice. She helped me create the specific business systems to efficiently run my office and create a truly transformational experience for my patients. Another aspect where Dr. Nona helped my practice was in developing my communication and help build the systems to achieve your dreams. I attribute a large part of my success to my coaching with Dr. Nona!

Chiropractic Coaching - Dr Kate Murray

Unlike other practice management coaches I have been around, Dr Nona truly cares about me and my vision. She and I created a custom roadmap to my dream practice, based on my strengths, passions, and goals. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Jennifer Sapp

Dr. Jennifer Sapp

Jennifer Sapp, DC

I am amazed by how Dr. Nona helped me achieve my dream practice in only a few short months. She unleashed my inner passion and showed me how to capitalize on my strengths, while incorporating new techniques to open the door for new opportunities.

Join My Weekly Mastermind and Group Coaching Program!

Doctor – $397 / Month
Student – $97 / Month
No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

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