Chiropractic Coach | A Story of Suicide & Conviction

A few years ago a 29 year-old patient named Meghan walked into my office with 30 different health conditions. After about a month of care, she turned to me and said, “two days before I came in here, I was going to commit suicide… I was going to end it all.”

She continued, “for the first time in years, I no longer have pain, I no longer have headaches, I no longer have fatigue, my depression has subsided… finally, I can be a mom to my daughter. Chiropractic saved my life, Dr. Nona.” You can watch her video here.

That’s the moment when I knew chiropractic was meant to save lives, not for pain. It became clear to me that our profession is about life and death. I realized that every new patient phone call, web inquiry, or walk-in could be someone dying. And you are probably their last hope.

This is the conviction needed to take people from just living an unconscious zombie life, to expressing their full potential. This is when chiropractic becomes transformative. It starts with you, your being, your level of conviction, your passion for helping people to be the best versions of themselves.

Any fear in your language, subconscious, or tone (whether you are aware of it or not) will be passed on to your patient. Get clear on who you are and why you are a chiropractor first. THEN take a breath. Clear your thoughts. Enter the room!

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