Part Time Million Dollar Cash PracticeThe Internal Shift in a Part Time Million Dollar Cash Practice

Before I spoke at ChiroSushi in Las Vegas, I contemplated the topic and the content of what I wanted to share. After much deliberation, mediation and though, I realized that instead of speaking about how I built a part-time million dollar cash practice, I would talk about the foundation of what it takes to have whatever kind of practice YOU want to create.

We often try to find the ONE THING that is going to make us successful, or achieve our goals. Most of the time we look for a method, a coach, a system, a tool, a script, or a marketing strategy. All of which are external. But without alignment with our purpose, these external factors won’t take us far.

You have probably heard the saying, “you must become what you want to attract”. A highly-successful practice cannot be created or sustained without:

  1. Conviction
  2. Consciousness
  3. a higher level of Communication

These have become the cornerstones of MY practice, and the requirements for the chiropractors I coach. Without CONVICTION, CONSCIOUSNESS, and a higher level of COMMUNICATION at the cornerstones of your practice, success it’s an uphill battle.

Every SINGLE one of my clients have achieved their DREAM PRACTICE because of this internal shift! How can I help you serve chiropractic at a higher level? Contact me if you’re ready to live your purpose.