3 Reasons Your Practice has Hit a Ceiling (in Number of Patients or $ Collected)

Every business will experience some type of plateau. When I say ‘hitting a ceiling’ with regards to a chiropractic office, YOU KNOW what I’m talking about. It’s easy to hit a certain number of patients every now and then, but exceeding those numbers (or even maintaining it consistently) is often challenging and stressful. I know this first-hand, because I was in your shoes. My ultimate goal was to create a part-time million-dollar cash practice that provides freedom, and quality time with my family. And I achieved it! Below are the top three blockages I had to overcome in order to reach my goals and help others do the sam:

  • Inability to Delegate

I heard Tony Robbins say that most entrepreneurs aren’t business people, they are artists or healers who go into business so that they can be who they are. I think the most important thing to do as a healer, creator, business owner, or chiropractor who wants to grow beyond the so called “ceiling”, is to let go of control, and TRUST your team to get it done.

  • Systems That Fail

The systems in your office should be set-up for the number of patients you ultimately want to see… even if you are not there yet. Think about which area of your practice would experience overwhelm or stress, if your practice doubles tomorrow. What would you have to do differently TODAY to prepare for this influx of patients?

  • Lack of Congruency

The most obvious place to look for congruency (or lack thereof) is yourself. Are you under regular chiropractic care? Are you doing what you preach? Do you REALLY want your practice to get to that next level? Or perhaps you have some fear about it? The next place to ensure congruency is your team. Are they overwhelmed or excited about the possibility of massive growth? Try asking them what they think is the maximum capacity for your practice. And where do they think things would not work out if you doubled the numbers tomorrow? You will be surprise by their answers.