3 Things I Did Before Going Cash:

If you opened this email, you may be where I was when I made the switch. I often get asked the question about what it was like? I used to say that it was an overnight decision, but after careful contemplation I realized it was really an accumulative process.

Ultimately I realized it came down to having a practice that was aligned with my core values. Every cell in my body would cringe when patients would try to dictate care based on how much coverage they had – as if I hadn’t spent hours teaching chiropractic, and communicating the true value of it.

You could say I got sick and tired of insurance companies, or health care being a factor in any part of my practice. Although it was a decision I made overnight, it was a journey to get to a full cash practice. Here are 3 things I made sure to do prior to the transition:

  1. Internal Systems: I made sure to put systems in place that support a practice that is 100% cash. The way you communicate from the first initial phone call, all the way to patient education workshops, and daily visits – are COMPLETELY different than an insurance-dependent practice.
  2. Team MINDSET: I had to make sure my team was onboard. Any objection that is in your consciousness, you will hear from your patients. I met with each team member individually to assess how they felt about it. Most have a scarcity money mindset filled with stories that not only hold them back from being abundant, but will also bring about objections from your patients.
  3. Acceptance: understanding and surrendering to the fact that you may be faced with challenges during the transition phase, but ultimately the benefits of being a cash practice OUTWEIGH the work that goes into pulling the plug.

If you are thinking about going cash, be sure to take proper steps to prepare your practice for the freedom it will bring. As always, let me know if you have any questions.