Branding 1013 Branding Strategies to Grow Your Practice

There are dozens of conscious and subconscious triggers that feed into the patients’ decision making process, when picking one chiropractor versus another online. While you can’t be everything to everyone, you can position your brand in a way to better your chances of attracting the exact type of patient you want, and help build your part-time, million-dollar cash practice.

Here are the top 3 branding strategies you should follow to improve your odds of attracting your ideal patient, and building a loyal following:

1. Define Your Target Market

No, not everyone with a spine is your ideal patient. Before you hire a design firm to create your brand, logo, website presence, and social media content, you have to know who you are trying to appeal to. For example, if your neighborhood is made up of mainly senior citizens on fixed income, your brand has to be approachable to THEM, appeal to THEIR subconscious, and carry a tone that THEY will feel comfortable with. Using a millennial tone, graphics, or photography will surely create a disconnect.

2. Build For Expandability

If you are thinking of expanding your practice into a larger space, or multiple locations, your brand has to be able to adapt to your growth. Branding your practice around your small town’s name, your own name, or specific attributes can make your practice seem small and inadequate. “Dr. Patrick’s Practice”, “922 Chiropractic Care” (based on an address), or “East Jeffersonville Chiropractic Clinic” will surely limit the brand’s reach, and cause a lot of headaches once you decide to expand or sell your practice.

3. Your Brand Should Reflect Your Values

Your practice (just like you) should have core values that need to be maintained and upheld no matter what. These core values need to reflect onto your brand, your website, your marketing material, and your social media content. If your practice is supposed to be a “Ritz Carlton” type of a practice, with $100 adjustments, cucumber-infused water in the waiting room, and stellar high-end equipment, your logo and brand have to communicate that to potential patients. Otherwise, if there is a discrepancy in who you say you are, versus what you actually look like, can create doubt or distrust in the subconscious.

Building a strong brand is essential to achieving your part-time, million-dollar cash practice. A brand that is built with intention, research, and congruency with your values, will attract patients who value and trust your brand of care.