Lifetime PatientThe Power of a Chiropractic Lifetime Patient

No matter what kind of practice you run – from corrective care and PI, to pediatric and everything in between – you know that keeping your patients on lifetime care is HUGE. I mean let’s be honest, we get adjusted… our kids get adjusted… our loved ones get adjusted. So if our patients knew and understood what we know about the power of chiropractic, they too would want to get adjusted as much as we do. And for LIFE.

From a business perspective, your wellness patients should pay for your ENTIRE overhead at minimum. But how do we create such loyalty and educated patients that the majority of them want to move onto lifetime wellness care, and pay you monthly to stay as a patient?

The Lifetime Wall

The first step is assigning a prominent wall in your waiting area to use for patients who deserve this special honor. You must celebrate your patients and their commitment to their health. There are so many ways you can do this; from hanging their photos on the wall, to name plaques, or signatures on bricks. Whatever way you chose to do this, make sure it’s prominent and in a spot where it’s visible to both new patients and those who are coming in for care.

New Patient Tour

This is the first place where you can plant the seed for lifetime chiropractic care. As you walk them through your office and point out all the great things about your practice, be sure to highlight the Lifetime Wall and explain the value of it.

Wellness Culture

Patients who truly LIVE the chiropractic lifestyle are the most valuable patients you can have. Are you living this life yourself? Are you a good representation or ambassador of this lifestyle on social media? Have you attracted your tribe of patients who want to LIVE this? What things are you doing in your office to cultivate this culture?

In order to build a practice that is self-sustaining with lifetime patients, you will have to have clarity on what it is that you provide. You must have conviction about lifetime care. You must be congruent with LIVING this lifestyle. And you must educate your patients passionately about what it takes to live it. And finally, all of this will need to be communicated to the patient from their first phone call all the way to them becoming a lifetime patient.