3 Lessons From a Burnout in Practice

I remember being at a chiropractic seminar as a young chiropractor, and the speaker was shaming those who work part-time. I remember agreeing with him.. after all, if we didn’t save the world around the clock, who would? That was before I had a burnout.

The (s)hero complex that is inherently attached to being a chiropractor was eating away at my soul. Don’t get me wrong, chiropractic was, is, and will be my purpose, but I had no time left for living. No time for spending time with my family, no time for vacations, guilt-free self care, etc.

It took a complete burnout to learn some essential lessons that not only changed my life, but transformed my practice into a part-time million dollar cash practice.

  • Hours Worked Does Not Equal Productivity

I set a goal to work 20 hours or less per week and make more money. At first I kept reminding myself of what I was taught for years: you have to work hard to make money. I let that go. I not only let it go, but I replaced it with: I am surrounded by abundance when I do what I love. I started to work smarter and not harder. Cluster booking my patients, raising my fees, and going cash allowed me more time to work on my business instead of in the business. This meant one thing: MASSIVE GROWTH.

  • Saving Lives vs. Living

At first I had plenty of guilt about not working full-time. Then I realized by choosing more LIVING for myself, I was starting to attract patients that also had the deepest desire to LIVE. This is when I started to see more patients who were suicidal, paralyzed, cancer stricken, kids on the spectrum, etc.

  • Being Authentic vs. Seeking Approval

I would not gain the approval of the speaker who was shaming chiropractors into working more and saving more lives. I wouldn’t even approve this method as a young chiropractor myself. But the burnout taught me than being authentic and living in alignment with creating a joyful practice was most important. So I opened space for LIVING. My practice grew and I attracted the most amazing life changing stories.

This happens to be my journey in creating a part-time million dollar cash practice. The systems I have created can be used for someone who wants the same part-time outcomes, or someone who wants to put in a full-time effort, and double their outcomes. I will help you with whatever your value system is in this moment. If I can help you work less, or experience more abundance, create an authentic practice – call, email, or txt me.