back cracked chiropractorSay this when patients want their back ‘cracked’

How often do you get the patient who asks if they can have their back cracked for pain relief? If your YouTube feed is anything like mine, it’s flooded with videos of chiropractors claiming one major back crack relieves a lifetime of pain. As wellness experts, we know the long-term value of chiropractic care, but videos like this are a massive source of miseducation for our patients.

As the YouTube doctors gather more views and likes, they’re doing authentic chiropractic a disservice. Patients can easily develop the idea that one visit to a chiropractor and a back cracked treatment will produce perfect spinal alignment. It’s our job to combat this message with education backed by proven research and your own clients’ testimonials.

Chiropractors: Ask this one question

In the midst of properly educating your patient, you must go deeper than talking about a pain fix. Patients come to you expecting their pain to decrease and mobility to improve, so reminding them of the physical benefits will not communicate your true value. Your value as a chiropractor is revealed when the patient understands what your treatments allow them to do.

For some, that will look like running marathons pain-free, and for others, it’s the life-changing joy of being able to play with their children or grandchildren. To get your patient to acknowledge and appreciate this level of benefit, ask this question:

If you didn’t experience pain, what would you be able to do?

When patients see their wellness as part of the big picture of their life, and not just view treatment as a fix to their pain, they’re more likely to develop into lifetime patients. Now that you know what it takes to reach your client on a deeper level, how comfortable are you moving beyond the “pain points” conversation?

What is a chiropractic coach?

When I first started my practice, I memorized the scripts, focused on “fixing” my patients, and ultimately experienced major burnout. It wasn’t until I realized my own value as a wellness expert that I could properly communicate the benefits of chiropractic care. Chiropractors change people’s lives, but without practice, it can be challenging to communicate that message to your patients.

Mastermind is a group coaching experience I developed for chiropractors who need support learning an authentic way to connect with patients. By connecting with patients on a deeper level, you’ll be more prepared to raise your prices, you’ll experience an increase in maintenance and wellness patients, and you’ll gain more referrals.

Explore the benefits of Mastermind and listen to other chiropractors who are a part of the group tell their stories of patient and practice growth. Make today the day you stop responding to requests for a cracked back and start living up to the value you bring to patients by changing their lives. Learn more about Mastermind.