selling chiropractic careAre you selling chiropractic care like it’s 1980?

Did your chiropractic practice get hit hard when the COVID-19 pandemic swept through the country? How you respond to unpredictable challenges speaks to the adaptability of your practice and team. If you immediately assumed it would be impossible to gain new patients during the pandemic or failed to offer out-of-the-box treatment options to current patients, it’s time to modernize how you’re selling chiropractic care.

Modernize chiropractic marketing

Chiropractors who understood the industry was changing in the onset of COVID-19 made immediate adjustments toward technology. It is possible to create a virtual relationship with your patients and prospective patients without forfeiting your unique brand style.

If you’re used to the marketing hoops of setting up at local farmer’s markets, hosting lunch and learn events, and performing free spinal screenings to gain new patients, these tips are for you. It’s time to step out of the 1980’s sales experience and make a genuine connection with your audience with today’s modern marketing tools. We discuss these marketing methods and more in Mastermind, a chiropractic group coaching experience that adds value to your services.

Selling chiropractic care in 2021

There are paid marketing efforts that can help drive potential clients to your website or landing pages, but we don’t want to overlook the available free options for selling chiropractic care.

Social media

Step number one to leveraging the power of social media for your practice is to create a content calendar. Decide the topics you want to cover, how those content ideas connect to what’s happening in your patients’ lives and in your office, and post regularly. Videos are a top attention-grabber on social sites, so opt for short clips that feature usable information, like:

  • Easy, healthy breakfast ideas
  • Improving posture at work
  • Quick, at-home workout circuit

These ideas offer useful information that will encourage your visitors to return to your page. Skip the hard sell in these videos. Making an authentic connection and increasing your value as a health expert launches the sales funnel that’s more likely to lead to a life-long patient.

Virtual meet and greet

Skip the traditional lunch-and-learn marketing method and book an engaging virtual experience for prospective patients. Hosting a virtual introduction allows you to plan your content ahead of time, offer direct links to information in the chatbox of your program, and immediately send your prospective patients to a new patient landing page for an immediate sign-up. You also gain new contacts for your email list and can continue to engage with potential patients who did not immediately sign up.

Telehealth options

For patients who aren’t ready to visit the office due to COVID-19 concerns, or, in a normal world, may just be out of town or unable to come in for a weekly visit, offer a connection via telehealth. The telehealth option is for those who have already received treatment in your office and with whose health you are familiar. You can offer a consultation and suggest stretches or exercises to support proper alignment.

The faster you tap into online tools to grow your practice, the faster you expand your reach to potential patients you would never otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Join me in Mastermind for budget-friendly, virtual ways to grow your practice.