Nona Djavid CBP Chiropractic CoachChiropractors – Mastermind and Group Coaching Registration

In building my Part Time Million Dollar Cash practice I learned the importance of my circle of influence and the power of proximity.

Only if I could find a bunch of high-level chiropractors who want massive success without compromising their LIFE.

This is part of why I started the Mastermind & Group Coaching program. For chiropractors to come together, have a place that not only keeps them accountable, but also helps them crush those plateaus and glass ceilings they’ve been stuck under.

I wanted the group to be affordable, but not cheap. Because I believe in a good value exchange. I want to fill it up with successful chiropractors looking to get more out of their practice.

And it’s not just a mastermind. There will be coaching. There will be talks about systems. And we will cover topics from front desk all the way to financial, marketing, social media, and everything else in between.

Registration is open now, and we will begin on March 3rd and meet every Tuesday at 9am Pacific standard time (12pm Eastern, 11am Central, 10am Mountain). Each session runs approximately 75 minutes (an hour and fifteen minutes). Recordings will be available as well.

If you have been thinking about hiring a coach and / or being part of a mastermind group, join us for the best of both worlds.