Male Chiropractic CoachingChiropractors: Men Want it Too

I remember walking off the stage at ChiroSushi after I gave a talk about my journey from burning out, to creating my part-time million dollar cash practice. I had that rush or high – the type you get after speaking to a large audience – and couldn’t wait to connect with chiropractors afterwards.

When I got to the booth, a dozen or so chiropractors started forming a line to talk to me, or to ask questions. Many of them started asking, “how do you create this part-time million dollar cash practice?… how many hours are we talking about?… how did you do it?… how does your coaching work?… do you teach your own systems?” 

I was thrilled to see such a great turnout. About halfway into connecting with my colleagues, I noticed that everyone who had stopped to talk to me was a male chiropractor. 

I personally created the part-time million dollar cash practice, after becoming a mom. I wanted to spend more time with my kids and less time in the practice. I thought this would be what female chiropractors wanted; work less, be with the kids, and still be profitable.

Somehow I assumed females were more burnt out from practice than their male counterparts, but I was definitely wrong. All the male chiropractors I talked to wanted financial freedom, more time with their families, and quality in patients versus quantity of patients.

Just today, one of my male chiropractor clients wrote me on Facebook expressing incredible joy in being able to drop his son off at school for the first time in three years. He said this is how he always imagined his life, but his practice and the way he was running it created a rift between him and his family.