ChiroSushi – The Raw Chiropractic Seminar in Las Vegas

Million Dollar Cash Chiro PracticeWe often think creating our dream practice requires hard work, skilled clinical knowledge, a good marketing plan, a great day 1, office systems, etc.. It’s true it does take all of those things and more to have a successful business. But without the internal work on ourselves, it’s not possible to create the practice of our dreams that is in alignment with abundance and freedom.

This week at ChiroSushi, I will talk about the 3 key elements in creating the practice of your dreams. Conviction, Consciousness, and Communication – and how those can quickly transform the quality of your life and your practice.

I am excited to share the stage with some of my favorite speakers, Kute Blackson and Brian Tracy. I will bring a few books- eLIVate Your Life– to sign and give away and I’ll be at the MyChiroPractice table. Come say hello.

If you join me at ChiroSushi you’ll learn that it’s easy to create a part time million dollar cash practice, BUT It’s not about how much money you make or how many hours you put in. It’s about creating a practice that encourages LIVING for both you and YOUR PATIENTS.

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