Chiropractic Practice GrowthChiropractors: Agenda vs. Purpose Driven Practice

Agenda Driven

Memorizing a script you bought from a practice management group, with the purpose of putting you in a box and limiting what you should or shouldn’t say or do.

Using scare tactics, salesy questions, or marketing methods of the 80’s.

Rushing through new patient exams because you have a line of people waiting for you. Or not being present with the patient in front of you, because you’re constantly thinking of them as an income source, and whether or not they will pay your bills.

Too much education talk and enforcing your opinion, and not hearing or listening to the patient’s concerns.

Too much focus on the ‘close’ and not enough focus on ‘service’.

Purpose Driven

Being in the state of flow, being 100% in-tune with the person in front of you.

Being completely neutral to what they choose to do or not do. It’s this perfect balance of the feminine and the masculine. It’s like that time you spent with someone special and all of a sudden a lot more time had gone by than anyone realized.

Creating an authentic connection with the patient. And it always ends with the new patient becoming a life-time patient in that moment… effortless.

I found that coaching and practice management groups had an agenda. To force chiropractors into their box of systems and scripts, and focusing on making a sale. Nothing customized… one size fits all approach. And you better ‘follow the recipe’ or you won’t succeed.

That’s why I do the exact opposite with my chiropractor clients. I listen without an agenda. I have nothing to sell them. I connect with them. I am present. I find their core values, and that of their practice. And together, we create the practice of their dreams. Whether it’s Part-time Million Dollar Cash Practice or something else.

No agenda. Try it.