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How one chiropractor closed a $33K deal

“You’re not discounting anything.”

I was coaching a client through her challenges with chiropractic care pricing. Whether I’m at a speaking engagement, teaching a Mastermind session, or engaged in one-on-one coaching, pricing always surfaces as one of the top challenges for chiropractors.

When you view the $20 treatments from the chain chiro care facility down the street as your direct competition, you’ll never feel it’s the right moment to raise your prices. Or, to charge your normal prices, for that matter.

Here’s what you need to understand about pricing your services and joining the ranks of my chiro coaching client who closed a $33,000 deal without lowering her prices: you’re not convincing potential clients that your price is worth it, you’re convincing them of the value your treatment brings to their life.

It’s not chiropractic prices

My client was worried that the price of her services would scare the family of 10 back into a life of pain and sickness. Her focus was on the number, which is what led to our session where she suggested she would discount her rates to increase the chances of closing the deal.

Let’s all take a reality check (myself included). How often do you make the assumption or judgment that a potential patient “can’t afford” treatment? Once you’ve decided the individual, or family of 10, can’t afford services, you start bargaining your worth.

Without hesitation, I encouraged the chiropractor to keep her prices exactly as they are and focus on the life enhancements and value her services will bring. Connect with patients on a deeper level than neck and back pain. Tap into their emotions by asking:

  • What are some of the things you miss doing most when you were well / pain-free?
  • What would it mean to be able to play with your children/grandchildren?
  • How would it change your life to get through an entire workday without moments of severe pain?

In last week’s blog, we talked about the one question to ask your patients when they show concern over your chiropractic prices. Read the blog here.

By helping your patients realize the life they can have with your chiropractic care, you tap into the emotions necessary for them to see your value. What you do changes lives. When you shift the conversation to help patients see your ability to give them a life of wellness, mobility, and less pain, there really is no convincing needed.

That’s exactly what my coaching client did. She closed the family of 10 on chiropractic treatment for $33,000. No discount code required.

When you paint the picture of a whole life – the life your patient wants – and explain chiropractic is the gateway, you’ll never consider discounting your services again. Know your value. Join us in Mastermind, a group coaching program, that connects you with live and on-demand classes, tips and tricks for challenging patients, and a process for how to restructure your chiropractic prices.