birdmanChiropractors: Be The Green Dot on a Gray Landscape

The landscape of our cities are graying out the natural beauty of the planet, with buildings, roads, sidewalks, and parking lots replacing green landscapes. The satellite photos of one of India’s largest cities shows a landscape of grey development for miles, except for one tiny green dot visible from 22,223 miles above Earth.

Fifteen years ago, a man named Joseph decided to feed a couple of green parakeets nesting on his rooftop in India. Every morning, rain or shine, he woke himself out of bed at 5am, cooked rice, and climbed up on his roof to feed the birds. Two parakeets became four. Four became 16. After a few months the number of green parakeets grew to over 4,000.

Joseph now spends half of his income on rice, and has enlisted the help of his grandkids to turn his roof into a parakeet feeding station every morning – visible from outer space.

This is a story of consistency. Consistency in purpose. Consistency in processes. Consistency in determination and drive.

As chiropractors we often tend to give in to the uphill climb. We tend to forget our purpose and focus on the wrong outcomes. Building a chiropractic practice that will impact the world starts with our deepest desire to succeed, and our deepest desire to stay true to the course, no matter how many rainy days are ahead of us. It’s going to be hard at times. As a matter of fact, it will be tempting to jump ship or move the goalpost. But making your mark on the world requires your consistency and commitment.