Nona Djavid Chiropractor at Palmer HouseMy Amazing Palmer Family Residence Tour in Davenport Iowa

I visited the Palmer Family Residence last week in Davenport, and I am at a loss for words at the grandness of the “Big Idea”. I feel so grateful to be a chiropractor in today’s world, and think its necessary for every single chiropractor to do what I did, and understand why your soul took you on this chiropractic mission.

On September 18th 1895, the first chiropractic adjustment was given, and 124 years later my family, my patients, and my community gets to not only experience the effects of this life-changing phenomenon, but LIVE the chiropractic lifestyle.

My visit to the Palmer Residence was filled with excitement, intrigue, gratitude, and amazement. Here are three big take-aways:

The Chiropractic Brand

I noticed that the fonts used throughout the Palmer family assets and properties are the same. From the inscription on their dinner plates at the house… to quotes on the walls… and the marketing material used to promote their radio and school… everything is branded well. Unfortunately the power of branding is something that most chiropractors struggle to fully understand. They don’t realize how much every well thought-out cohesive visual detail adds trust, credibility, and value to their practice and profession.

The Library

The Palmers had various libraries with thousands of books and essays covering a wide range of topics. From scientific works, world religions, and self-help, to extraterrestrials, novels, and everything imaginable in between. This variety was interesting to me, as it shows how open-minded and educated this family was.

The Business of Chiropractic

The founders of chiropractic would not have had the impact they do today if it wasn’t for them spreading the message the way that they did. The radio station – which is the marketing / social media of today’s world – was part of their business growth strategy. They also offered free adjustments to circus artists, because they knew that this is the only large group of traveling individuals who could spread the word about chiropractic to other areas of the country.

Our job as chiropractors is to not only uphold the same brilliant philosophies and mindset as the Palmer’s when it comes to changing people’s lives, but also uphold certain standards that will help propel the profession (and each practice) to the next level.