chiropractic focus during treatment

3 elements of chiropractic focus with your patient

What is your top chiropractic focus? If you want to set yourself apart as a vessel to better living for your patients and price treatments so that they show your true value, you need to change your focus.

The chief complaint of pain is often the first or primary topic covered in a consultation. By questioning and reminding the patient of the pain they feel, you’re positioning your services as a cure to pain rather than a treatment to the life they want to live. Swap out your chief complaint of pain focus for three elements of conversation.

Improve chiropractic patient education

Education is the driving force behind establishing long-term patients. Your goal is to inform the patient about their body and how a seemingly unrelated issue can have a drastic effect on their mobility, concentration, intestinal operations, sleep, and much more. Use each consultation with a patient as a teaching moment.

1. Chronicity

No matter how many times a patient says the pain “just started a week ago,” it’s likely the challenge has some longevity to it. Ask open-ended questions that allow you to determine the original cause and how long the pain has existed. As the patient reveals more information, take the time to explain how a sports injury from years ago or a car crash from a decade prior may have caused lingering issues. As the body compensates for the injury, other areas of pain begin to develop. So, on the surface, the patient’s pain seems to have started out of nowhere, but you’re able to educate them on the chronicity of their ailment.

2. Complexity

When a patient realizes that their migraines, gastrointestinal, or nerve issues are caused by a spinal misalignment, the “aha moment” can be life-changing. Your number two chiropractic focus should be on taking the time to explain the complexities of the body and how one seemingly minor spinal misalignment can drastically change how systems within the body operate. This allows you to position yourself as the expert on health and wellness.

3. Urgency

If you’ve ever had a patient say “I’ve lived with it for this long,” or “It only hurts when I…”, it’s crucial to introduce urgency to the situation. What many patients overlook is how quickly a minor ailment can turn into a debilitating injury. The patient needs to understand the painful condition will not go away on its own. Explain how beginning treatment now means they can prevent severe pain and avoid limited mobility. Your treatment allows them to live the life they desire, at this moment.

Strong chiropractic focus converts patients

By switching your chiropractic focus from pain to a concentration on wellness and living a desirable life, you’ll see your new patient conversion increase. Plus, you’ll add more maintenance patients to your practice because they’ve been educated on the preventative measure of chiropractic.

Take the time to explain chronicity and complexity and urgency is a natural result. For more ways to increase your value and authentically connect with your patients, check out my free mini training on how to double your collection while working less.