Nona Djavid Chiro CoachThere is No ONE Thing That Will Make Your Chiropractic Practice a Success

I get asked this all the time. What is the ONE thing that has been influential in creating a part-time million dollar cash practice. And honestly there isn’t just ONE thing. It’s a combination of a lot of things.

My first instinct says persistence is key, however persistence in something that doesn’t work, is a waste of time and effort. So again, if I had to put my finger on it, I would say being in alignment with my systems, my communication, and every marketing strategy.

How can you ensure you are congruent with the practice you are creating?

Walk the Walk

Are you selling chiropractic without living the chiropractic lifestyle? Are you telling people to get adjusted regularly and you rarely get to your chiropractor? There are a lot of unhealthy chiropractors, chiropractors with poor posture, and subluxated chiropractors. Are your kids and spouse (if you have any) under chiropractic care, too? If not, how do you expect your patients to bring in their kids and their spouses? Are YOU a referral champion in your practice? How can you expect your patients and your team to be referring to you?

Pick and Choose

I have tried all marketing strategies out there. And I’m here to tell you that they are all effective. Some chiropractic coaches will actually tell you to do EVERYTHING; and it’s all good until you burn out. Some chiropractic coaches tell you that you don’t need marketing at all… which is their way of persuading you to spend your marketing dollars on them, and not on expanding your online footprint. This is a terrible strategy. The key to success is to pick and choose your marketing methods based on your personality, your values, and what you enjoy doing. Some chiropractors enjoy getting out and shaking hands with the people of the community, and love doing lunch and learn’s, spinal screenings, and health fairs. Others enjoy sitting back and watching their investment in their website, SEO, and online ads bring in new patients. Again, you have to be aligned with how you choose to market yourself.

Systems, Systems, Systems

Do you have the right systems or processes in place to support the patient and financial numbers of your dreams? I often meet chiropractors who have no structure in their business. This is a huge mistake that is pretty costly both financially and time-wise. Once you have systems and processes in place, you can step away from your practice and watch it run on it’s own. You no longer have stress about training a new team member or feel overwhelmed when you are overbooked with a lot of patients.

I guess it’s never just ONE thing. If you’ve been stuck at your numbers and seem to be hitting a glass ceiling, it’s time to do something different. REALLY contemplate your marketing strategies, take a deeper look at your systems and how you communicate with the patients. And get adjusted!