Nona Djavid Brand Tone Chiropractic ScriptsChiropractic Scripts: to Use or Not to Use

The tone and language which you communicate with your patients with is known as your “brand tone”. This crucial element is something that large companies spend a lot of resources onto make sure it’s perfect.

They hire consultants to figure out exactly the type of tone they should use company-wide, then formulate scripts that are perfectly aligned with that company’s core values.

Having a cohesive style of communication throughout your practice that is also supported by your team, helps with not just having an impactful brand, but also helps with patient retention and referrals.

Here is my take. Have a script, but make sure YOU created it from scratch. Be sure that every word is a reflection of who you are. Make certain that the flow is congruent with your core values and who are. Here are some things to consider with regards to creating a script:

Keep Your Audience in Mind

The words, sentences, and language should be carefully picked based on who your target market is. Talking to college kids about subluxation should carry a different tone and words, than when you’re talking to a new mom in her mid 30’s.

Be Authentic

Only use words, sentences, and outcomes that you believe in. If you have been using an old script that you bought, or that someone gave you, it’s time to sit down and reevaluate every word to see if it is true to your core.

Be Flexible

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but creating a script and sticking to it actually gives you flexibility. Once you sit down and create your language of communication and authentic tone, you have a structure and a solid foundation to build on. Everything else can be fluid.

Cohesiveness is Contagious

If everyone on your team is speaking the same language, using the same tone of communication to educate your patients about chiropractic, or even answering the phone with the same purpose and energy, both potential new patients and existing ones will be drawn into the brand you are creating.