Million Dollar Cash Practice by Nona DjavidThis is How I turned MY ‘Burn-Out’ into a Part-Time, Million-Dollar Chiro Practice

For years I ran a practice that was insurance based, and required 40+ hour work weeks. It left me with little time for vacations, family time, or living life on my terms. I was submerged in neck and back pain patients; and while it was seemingly successful, it wasn’t fulfilling.

I struggled with finding meaning in what I was doing. Sure I was helping a lot of people get healthy, but I was losing out on living my own healthy life. It was time for a change.

I needed a fresh start, and a shift in my perspective. I dropped everything I had learned, and all the things I was doing. I started to focus on what was important to me: freedom, growth, and adventure. I wanted freedom of time and money to spend with my family, go to the beach, and take yoga classes on MY terms, instead of having to squeeze them into my schedule. I wanted to travel and experience new things without worrying about my practice numbers fluctuating.

The only way I could do that was to put myself first. The LIFE in me was important. I needed this LIFE in order to be able to give fully to my family and to my patients. I designed my practice around the life I wanted to live, instead of the other way around. And this is what lead to creating a part-time, million-dollar cash practice.

Every system I implemented in the practice, every script, every word I spoke, and every marketing strategy was based on MY personal core values.

To work 20 hours each week and having a profitable cash practice seemed so far away at the time. I just kept focusing on the life I wanted, and got the practice I really enjoyed.

And it’s not about how much money you make or how many hours you work – it’s about creating a practice that is aligned with you, and the life you want to live. I encourage you to do the same. Find what brings you joy outside of your practice and you’d be surprised at the patients you will attract and the practice you will build.