Chiropractic BioPhysics practice coachChiropractors: The Foundation of Your Systems

If you know me, I’m a big fan of figuring out YOU and YOUR practice, so that I can base every system and every way of communication on YOU, YOUR style, and YOUR core values. So when I’m asked which part of the systems are most important, the answer is easy – it’s how you educate the world about chiropractic.

Your definition of chiropractic, subluxation, and your conviction about their level of importance. This is foundational in creating a successful practice.

And your conviction comes out when you try and educate your patients about chiropractic. So once you are clear on your idea of chiropractic, here are some ways to incorporate it:


Before you start to ask your patients about their symptoms and their trauma, you’ve got to give them an idea of chiropractic. Even if they’ve been to another chiropractor, they’ve got to understand what it is that you provide, and how your approach might be different. This is foundational in what the patient will share with you, even if it’s not something they wrote down on your intake forms.

Daily Visits

Are you talking chiropractic and educating patients about living a chiropractic lifestyle? Or are you chit chatting about the weekend? If you leave it up to the patient, they will talk about their weekend plans or the bake sale at their kid’s school. Remember, they are here for a purpose. You’ve got a short amount of time with them. The time you have with them is sacred, and you must be intentional about it. Take control of the conversation and use that time to educate.


This seems to be the most obvious. In today’s world, this might also mean your Facebook “LIVE”s, your Instagram posts, your testimonial videos, etc. What do you want the world to know about YOU, chiropractic, subluxations, and the uniqueness of your practice.

It’s important to develop your verbiage and find your voice on how you describe chiropractic and subluxations. As you grow your practice, everyone on your team must be on the same page. And not only understand the philosophy and purpose, but be able to communicate it inside and outside of your practice with conviction.