Best Chiropractic CoachChiropractors: Don’t Worry About Your Competition, Because They’re Not.

This morning I pulled into a gas station to fill-up on gas. I noticed a big sign outside the mini-mart advertising “$0.25 Coffee”. There were a couple of people inside taking advantage of this rather affordable promotion.

Next door however, the Starbucks was packed. There were at least 30 people standing in line getting their coffee fix, with another 12-14 people waiting patiently for their orders. Most spending on average $3-$5 for their caffeine fix… 12-20 times more than the coffee at the mini-mart!

You may think it sucks to be practicing in a saturated market full of chiropractors… especially when the chiropractor down the street is running $19 Facebook ads for an initial visit, and practically giving away adjustments.

You may ask yourself, “how can I possibly going to succeed in a market that is FULL of this?” or “how can I possibly compete with this?”

Here are 3 things to keep in mind.

Find Your Unique Niche and Shout it From the Mountaintops

How is your practice different than every other chiropractor in your area? This can be your technique, the way you educate, your methodology, the vibe of your office, or even your target audience e.g. specializing in pediatrics. Or perhaps is your brand, the ambiance, and the additional services you offer. Be sure that this uniqueness is being communicated in everything  – from your website’s look and feel, social media, and newsletters, to the way you answer the phone and your day-to-day table talk.

Charge More for Your Adjustments

Did I just say charge more? Yes! I know some of you just stopped reading. But the reality is when your prices are too low, people do not value what you have to offer. Toyota and Lexus both have the same engine inside, but you value a Lexus much more. Be fair about your pricing, but charge more so people value your time and expertise.

Shift Your Focus on YOU

No need to badmouth or hate-on the chiropractor down the street who’s running cheap Facebook ads and giving away his adjustments. He is doing his best to grow his practice, and doesn’t know any better. Focus on what works for you, and what helps your community. Ritz Carlton doesn’t concern itself with Motel 6 down the road, and neither should you.

I get phone calls from chiropractors complaining about their so-called competition… only to realize they shouldn’t be competing in the first place. Just keep working on YOU… YOUR practice, YOUR brand, and YOUR unique specialty. If you have a hard time finding your way, I’m here to support you. Just reach out.