Chiropractic Coach | Part Time Million Dollar Chiro Practice

I had an amazing time at Life West a couple weeks ago with both the CBP club, and at the Women’s Symposium event – talking about Breech Birth and fearless communication with our patients.

I want you to know that running a part-time million-dollar cash practice, and having time to enjoy your family is definitely possible! It does take conviction regarding the value we provide as chiropractors, and the ability to convey that in our communication to each patient.

Creating this practice (if that’s what your heart desires) takes an entire system of communication… from your brand, website content, and your ability to establish yourself as different/unique, all the way to your report of findings, and even how much you charge per visit.

As my gift to you, I am making available my Front Desk Script. Although it is a small piece of the cash practice puzzle, it is a great start. You can download it here.

Finally… for my Chiropractic Sisters – join me on a Weekly Group Coaching Call / FB Live with tips and ideas on starting and/or growing your practice. It’s free!