Part time million dollar chiropractic practiceChiropractors: Switching to a Part Time Practice With Full Time Pay

I didn’t always work part-time. As a matter of fact, when I first started my practice, I worked 60-80 hours/week. It was a successful practice, but it just wasn’t fulfilling. I had the best mentors. I followed emulated some of the most successful chiropractors to a T, and yet there was always this disconnect from what I was learning and doing, and what I really wanted for myself.

When I tell my clients about the Part-Time Million Dollar Cash Practice, it may seem like an overnight success story, but in reality it was a painful journey from burnout to a total reset.

One day I decided to change it all up. I no longer wanted to fit into a box. The 3 day system, the salesy scripts, and the inefficient marketing tactics from the 80’s. I just wanted to be myself. I claimed my values, the life I wanted to design for myself, and finally the practice to support it.

The more it became an expression of me, the more growth I experienced. I knew I wanted to have freedom, adventure, and time with my family… so the practice needed an overhaul.

As I changed the foundation of my practice, my patient base changed. I became committed to the life I wanted to live and it seems I had more patients that also had this deep desire to live. I went from working 60-80 hours/week to working only 20 hours; seeing the most amazing patients… kids on the spectrum, cancer patients, paralyzed patients, and suicidal patients… these were the patients that filled my practice and my heart.

I choose to teach chiropractors to do this, because I see burn-out in our profession. My clients don’t necessarily want to mirror my practice, they want to either fine tune their own practice to create freedom, or create something fresh that is truly theirs. And I’m grateful to be part of this journey with them.