Growth Mindset Chiropractic CoachingPodcast With Kevin Pecca: Growth as a LifeStyle

Today I had the distinct pleasure of talking with Dr Kevin Pecca on his Expect Miracles Podcast. I encourage all of you to check out his podcast, as he has a list of notable guests on there who bring tons of value to his listeners. I’m honored to have participated in it.

During our conversation, the growth mindset subject was brought up multiple times. This is something I always discuss with my chiropractic clients; in that growth is not just something you dabble in here and there, but rather a lifestyle.

1. Rituals

In order for your life to be an expression of growth, you have to design it with purpose and intention. We all have rituals; some are intentional and planned, and some are unintentional or happen subconsciously.

An example of an intentionally-designed ritual is waking up at 5:40 every morning, and meditating for 20 minutes before starting your day. An example of an unintentional or subconscious ritual is coming home from work and lounging on the couch for the next hour.

Our entire life is full of rituals. Being intentional about these rituals, making them mean something, and giving them purpose is a big part of living the growth-mindset lifestyle.

2. The Positive and the Negative

A growth-oriented lifestyle is not only filled with positivity, but also includes focusing on reducing distractions and negative energy. For example, if we wish to increase the positive elements in our lives, we have to be willing to reduce negative elements… such as eliminating useless time on social media, stopping ourselves from watching or reading negative news, or reducing interaction with negative people – are all crucial to creating the life you want.

3. Your Circle of Influence

Proximity of power. Find people who are successful, growing, and positive. Join a mastermind group or start one. Determine who is a positive influence in your life, and who brings you down. Make a decision to grow and only surround yourself with those who uplift you.