Kentucky DerbyDownside of a Million Dollar Cash Practice

Watching the Kentucky Derby in person is an exhilarating experience, one that my husband, two year old son, and I will never forget… well, at least my husband and I won’t!

We flew to Louisville on a Thursday afternoon, settled into a trendy hotel, and experienced the sights and sounds of pre-Derby downtown Louisville. After the Derby, we spent a couple of extra days visiting family, had a couple of barbecues, boated on the river, and finally flew back on Tuesday afternoon… in time for a tightly-scheduled patient flow.

Now it wasn’t always like this. I wasn’t always able to take multiples days off during the week and come back to a growing practice and a packed scheduled. It wasn’t until I created systems that I stopped working in the practice full-time, and started to LIVE full time!

Being detached from my practice to enjoy these little getaways and experiences is THE biggest reason I loved creating a part-time million-dollar cash practice. By having great systems and processes in place, I never even received a single phone call or emergency text from my staff. They took care of the office, the patients, collected payments, and sent me an amazing recap email which I read on the flight back.

This is what life can look like for you, too. Changing your mindset and incorporating hands-off processes allows you to live life with your loved ones, on your terms! A quick trip to the Super Bowl? Why not! A prolonged fishing trip? Of course! Maternity leave for 4 months? Absolutely!

When the right mindset meets the right systems, you no longer have to work in your practice… you can work on your practice – from anywhere around the world.