The one question to ask before raising your prices

If you search for information on chiropractic care prices, you’ll find a barrage of information. From “quick fix” treatments for $20 to costly holistic care that’s partnered with other services to create the best version of you, chiropractor fees vary widely. What’s even more wide-ranging is how doctors of chiropractic care develop treatment prices.

If you ask 10 different chiropractors how they developed their chiropractic care prices, you’ll likely get 10 different answers. A topic we cover extensively in Masterclass is developing and raising your prices. Comparing your treatment to the chiro across town does nothing to support your pricing process.

How to set chiropractic care prices

I was listening to a chiro podcast a couple of years ago when the host said something that grabbed my attention.

“Chiropractors change lives. They change the lives of their patients and create better communities.”

I could share many success stories with you of patients who were able to move more freely, no longer suffered from migraines, or returned to their favorite activities because of chiropractic, but I never considered it “life-changing” until I heard it from someone else.

So, let me be the first to tell you, what you do changes lives.

Because your treatment is so valuable, it doesn’t serve your purpose to compare prices with a neighboring doctor or cut your prices to gain new patients. Here’s what I know for sure about setting chiropractic prices:

If your patient doesn’t sign up for services, it’s not because your prices are too high. It’s because you haven’t properly and fully educated them on the value quality chiropractic brings to their life.

Creating value around what you do means you must go beyond the pain points. Asking how the patient’s body is feeling between treatments puts their mind on a path of pain. Asking about their health in a different way, allows them to see the true value in what you do. Try these questions with your patients:

  • What are you able to do with chiropractic treatment that you weren’t able to do prior?
  • What is it that you want to be able to do now and into the future that will have a huge impact on your life?

For many patients, being active in their children or grandchildren’s life will immediately come to mind. Perhaps other patients long for the day they can make it through a full day of work without suffering from a headache.

The value of your services lies in the patient’s answer. You are the creator of the moment they miss or long for. It’s the treatment you offer that makes an impact on their lives.

The next time you consider how to price your chiropractic services or whether raising your prices will plateau your patient count, remind yourself (and your patients) of the value you bring to each life you touch.

How to raise my prices

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