No insurance chiropractic officeHow Health Insurance Has Enslaved Chiropractors

You’ll never pave a new way by doing what others have done. This is why I think chiropractors are heroes and rebels. Going against the grain and fighting untruthful stereotypes is how we heal and change the world on a daily basis. Think about your chiropractor friends. From how they run their practice to managing their families, there is a streak of rebellion in everything they do. And somehow, despite that creative approach to life, we have been caught in the crosshairs of an element of healthcare that has turned our rebellious spirit into a dependency. We’ve built such a strong reliance on health insurance that we’ve virtually become slaves to the system.

Each of us delved into chiropractic to create our dream practice, serve a ton of people, and make a positive impact on the world. Somewhere along the way, we lost sight of our healing power and became enslaved to companies that claim to know who deserves treatment and the type of care we should offer. Insurance has forced patients to dictate how many visits they’ll schedule because that’s what insurance will cover. These mega companies have taken over our offices – forcing us to provide endless documentation, spend hours on the phone, and even outsource billing.

Out of Alignment

Being required to meet the mandates of a financial institution that doesn’t understand what we do is completely out of alignment with us as chiropractors. Insurance is focused on pain, which contradicts what we do every day in our practices. While pain may be the reason 99% of patients come through our doors, it’s our job to educate, communicate on a higher level, and help them become their own advocate for a healthy life.

I know this because I used to accept insurance. I was a slave to the mandates, documents, and constant phone calls. It’s easy to fall into the insurance trap when you get out of school and are bombarded with the scarcity and student loans. Honestly, insurance just seemed like the thing to do. I didn’t give it much thought, and after just a few years into practice, I realized it was draining my energy.

Insurance in Chiropractic a Sign of Scarcity

Taking insurance is a crutch. When I speak with chiropractic clients, I hear again and again how they simply cannot make the switch. What many chiropractors don’t realize is the switch is more of a mental challenge than anything else. I understand the worries.

  • What if my numbers drop?
  • What if I lose patients?
  • How do I replace this stream of incoming patients that are covered by insurance?

The false idea of scarcity remains even with an abundance of patients who aren’t insurance-dependent.

Best Time to Go Cash

Only 7% of Americans trust health insurance companies. There has never been a better time to make the switch to cash. Insurance companies are losing the trust and dependency of patients. High premiums and low coverage are leaving people fed up with the healthcare dictators.

Making the transition to a cash practice means you must communicate with and educate your patients on how insurance companies are actually treating them. Insurance companies are dictating care, even when the chiropractor and patient know further treatment would be beneficial and support a healthy lifestyle, the insurance company can regulate appointments. Building a healthy lifestyle for our clients shouldn’t be regulated by mega companies concerned with their bottom line.

How To Build A Part-Time Million Dollar Cash Practice

I made the switch to cash because I knew it would allow me to better serve my clients and stop wasting time on endless paperwork. Now I help others create part-time million dollar cash practices because they are looking to express themselves fully as a chiropractor. I know you value freedom, time with your family, and actually helping clients, not fulfilling their appointment limit.

It’s time to build the part-time million dollar cash practice you deserve. Stop being a slave to insurance and start manning your own ship into the future. I can help guide you while you make the transition. Like you, I value time with family, so I have limited time available for one-on-one coaching. Email or text me if you want to learn more about my approach and how quickly you can make the switch to a part-time million dollar cash practice.